Alpenglow Expeditions on Everest

Alpenglow Expeditions on Everest

KATHMANDU, Nepal–In this photograph released by Alpenglow Expeditions on August 18, 2014, members of Alpenglow Expeditions’ Rapid Ascent Team (L to R):  Sergey Baranov, Tenzing Sherpa, Adrian Ballinger, Karma Sherpa and Parasng Rinji Sherpa pose on the summit of Mount Everest on May 18, 2013. Raise your game, skip the queues and scale the world’s […]

 Women climbers meet John Kerry

Women climbers meet John Kerry

KATHMANDU, Nepal–United States Secretary of State John Kerry has met with seven Nepali women mountaineers in Washington on Wednesday. For promoting women’s empowerment, education, and environmental awareness, the Nepali women climbers are visiting Washington DC and Los Angeles from July 16 to 23. Nepali climbers said they felt prestige and honour to meet Kerry. “We were […]

Whereabouts of our beloved ones ?

Whereabouts of our beloved ones ?

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Families of missing trekkers urge the government for more support to ascertain whereabouts of their beloved ones during a programme in the capital Kathmandu, this week. Image: TAAN/NMF.                   Scarica il PDF

 On the slopes of Andes

•   On the slopes of Andes

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Members of the “Seven Summits Women Team” Heading up on the slopes of Andes in South America along with  their climbing guide on Wednesday, 19 February 20, 2014. “Thanking all our well-wishers and supporters as we pray Mt Aconcagua to be all smiles!”, the team said before heading towards Andes. The team, comprising of 7 Nepali […]

 ECG of Earth!

•   ECG of Earth!

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Scientists at work during seismic survey carried out at Chure area of Mahabharat range. The Chure area located in central Nepal is the meeting point of the Indian and Tibetan plateaus. And the scientific team is focused on revealing the earthquake risk by studying the positioning of the plateaus. Scientists say the […]


•   Panoramic view of mountains from Sandukpur

•   Balancing the Eco-system!

•  In dream of polio-free nation!

•  Ant in the statue!

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